About Me

My name is Christen and I've lived in Des Moines for about 8 years now. I've seen and appreciated a lot of the growth in Des Moines (Western Gateway, the Farmer's Market(s) and more), but see the city as still lacking in many good places for vegetarians to eat.
Hopefully, if you live in Des Moines or are wanting to visit Des Moines, I can help you find a good restaurant that will be suitable.

My vegetarianism is fairly lax; I'm not vegan and I don't ask all the questions I probably should about if sauces are made with a meat broth base, etc, but I'm trying to do that for you all. But you will never find a restaurant that accidentally served the vegetarian soup with chunks of chicken in it on here (it's happened...) and I try to stick with restaurants that have a few veggie options as of course, we don't all want to eat that one Portabella burger on the menu.

You can contact me on twitter @christenbain or email christen.bain@gmail.com

Happy eating!

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