Big City Greens-Downtown

Located inside the Capitol Square Building in Downtown Des Moines Big City Burgers and Greens gets a lot of patronage from the surrounding businesses in the Skywalk.  I'd been wanting to try out this place for awhile, so one day when I had an extended lunch break, Boston, another friend and her young daughter, and I ventured out.  Around noon, the place was packed-long lines and little table space, but the line moved fairly quickly and we did find a place to sit (thanks in part to the large number of folks who took their food to go).  

The concept of the restaurant is around designing your own salad or wrap or ordering from a set menu of burgers.  In line, there are paper menus and pencils you can pick up and mark your preferences.  I ordered a spinach wrap and customized from there with romaine lettuce, parmesan peppercorn dressing, corn, tomato, beans, onion, and chickpeas with a side of homemade chips

If it is your first time eating here, you'll appreciate it if there is a long line, so that it gives you time to decide what you'd like from the endless possibilities.  I'm not sure if I'm getting cheap or if prices just keep going up, but it does make me sad that it costs $7 for a wrap here.  I always hope for a quick weekday lunch starting around $5 and going up from there based on side/drink preferences, so I would say that was a disappointment.  

I included this picture because I thought it was such a great idea to include a fruit cup in the kids menus with different kinds of dried fruit (golden and regular raisins and dried cranberries) as well as small diced fresh fruit.  It wasn't all chicken and french fries for our younger dining companion that day!

Unless you work downtown and are used to it, parking to get here is a hassle.  There is no street parking around the restaurant, so you've got to park further away or in a parking garage, but like all of downtown, it is connected to the skywalk, so you can park in anyone of the garages and get to the restaurant without getting too cold outside.  The restaurant is on the 1st floor, south side of the Capitol Square building along Walnut Street.  There is a large patio which is waiting for me to visit when springtime returns!

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