Exile Brewing Co - Downtown Des Moines

Exile Brewing Co is a new brewery located in downtown Des Moines.  They opened in late summer 2012, so when you look at street view on Google, the place looks completely different! On the site, they've introduced a large beer hall and patio space in addition to the full brewery and restaurant. 

Shortly after they opened (a week to the day), Boston and I headed down to Exile Brewing Co to check it out.  We didn't realize at the time that they didn't have their own brews on tap yet, so we settled into the bar with some local favorites while we waited for a table.  Exile is begining to introduce their own beers now, so we'll have to make a trip to try those.

The menu is not particularly vegetarian friendly right now (though I see on their menu online, they have introduced a new menu item since we visited), but I will highlight the beet salad I ordered.  This was amazing.  It was market season for beets and they were shown off perfectly here.

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The restaurant has an interesting vibe- a mix of modern industrial and old woodwork.  The tables are thick slabs of wood, the menus tacked to a wooden board and some of the touches more rustic as well.  But they also have the new industrial feel with chrome beams, etc.

For my meal, I ordered the beet salad and the French Onion soup-beware to the "real" vegetarians out there.  It probably is beef stock.

Like I said, this beet salad was amazing.  Golden beets with pistachios and a spring green mix.  The menu said served with goat cheese and I assumed it would be goat cheese crumbles. To my delight, it was a mousse made of the goat cheese-delicious and I wanted to ask for more.  It was a nice, light way to start.

We couldn't end the night without a dessert as we saw many customers around us ordering this dish.  A peach cobbler served straight from the oven in the dish in which it was baked.  Delightful crumble and so hot, the ice cream began to melt.  Served with two spoons and the light dinner I had, it was great.  After one of their full meals?  I wouldn't have been able to eat even a half.  

We've since returned to Exile and ordered beers and fries as a Happy Hour outing.  I'm thinking the next time will be dessert only-I need some of this cobbler again!

Overall?  Not a particularly vegetarian friendly restaurant, but what they do have is good.  If you like the local brewery scene and want to try some new beers (I believe they have 4 or 5 of their own on tap now), I'd recommend it.  


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