Summer Sights in Des Moines

Less of a restaurant review and more of some suggestions and recent sightings in Des Moines told in photo essay!  Featuring Boston's home cooked meal, Beaverdale Farmer's Market, Open Sesame, and Gateway Market

A variation on Hungry Girl's Noodlicious Pancakes.  Featuring black beans

Also of note, Georgia Sweet Corn, Brown Butter Garlic Carrots and our CSA radishes.  All prepared by Boston!  I didn't have a hand in this dish at all other than printing the recipe for the pancakes.  What a meal!

At the 1st Beaverdale Farmers Market of the year, this astronomy enthusiast brought out his telescope so we could catch a glimpse of the transit of venus.  What a sight!  Thanks to this community member for making it possible

Another photo from the Beaverdale Farmer's Market-pupusas!  This one is bean and cheese with coleslaw.  Don't want to wait in line at the downtown market?  Check out Beaverdale!  No line at all.

There was some music and lots of tables and chairs to watch (and eat!)

There were quite a few local farmers with their booths, plus the normal assortment of prepared foods and knick-knacks.

We stopped by Open Sesame in the East Village for dinner last week.  Only got a photo of this martini-the Sultan featuring Maker's Mark.  Not sure I've ever had a martini like it before, but it was pretty good.  So was the food!  Next time, I'll remember to take pictures of the food and write up a review.

Our hydrangeas might be late (lack of sun on that side of the house inhibits growth), but they're blooming now!  What a great game-will they be blue or pink?  Pink it is!

Vegan Bahn Mi with Potato Salad (the server did note that the potato salad is not vegan, but is vegetarian.  How thoughtful!) at Gateway Market.  This sandwich is delicious!  BBQ tofu with generous portions of veggies.  Potato salad was good, but nothing to write home about.

I saved the 2nd half of the sandwich for dinner.


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