Noah's Ark-Ingersoll

Boston and I stopped in to Noah's Ark Ristorante tonight before heading over to the Fleur Cinema to see Hysteria (great movie by the way).

It was worse than disappointing. 

I had checked out the menu before heading out for fear that Noah's would be similar to Maxi's and I would have nothing aside from a side salad to eat.  The menu looked promising though.  I could get any of their four pastas with a pomodoro sauce or maybe even those stuffed peppers would be vegetarian.  I'll admit the 1/2 green pepper and 1/2 onion ring appetizer was also appealing. 

All of the waitstaff seemed to be having an off night, but our waitress was attentive enough.  When I ordered the rigatoni pomodoro and asked to make sure there was no meat in it, the waitress confusingly informed me (really, she seemed quite confused) that all of their sauces, even those not labeled meat sauce, indeed had meat.  I asked what then was vegetarian on the menu and was told I could eat the Noah's Ark Fettuccine or the Fettuccine Al Burro or they could make a vegetarian lasagne.  I am confused about that last one though-if all of the sauces are made with meat, how could a vegetarian lasagne exist? 

You can take a look at the menu to see what those two fettuccine options are; neither seemed appetizing to me.  Noodles with cream and cheese or noodles with oil and cheese.  No vegetables to speak of.  So of course I ordered the fettuccine al burro and was disappointed.  Noodles soaked in olive oil (I poured at least 2 Tbsp off the dish) with some small flakes of parsley.  That dish?  Could have made it at home for under $.50 and how much did I pay? $12.95.  Will I be going back to Noah's?  Nope.

It's not a lot that we vegetarians are asking for.  I would have been happier had I gotten the same plate with some sauteed tomatoes, green peppers and onions on it. 

By the way, the appetizer was okay-much too salty though.

If you're a vegetarian, choose another restaurant.


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