23 June 2012

Noah's Ark-Ingersoll

Boston and I stopped in to Noah's Ark Ristorante tonight before heading over to the Fleur Cinema to see Hysteria (great movie by the way).

It was worse than disappointing. 

12 June 2012

Summer Sights in Des Moines

Less of a restaurant review and more of some suggestions and recent sightings in Des Moines told in photo essay!  Featuring Boston's home cooked meal, Beaverdale Farmer's Market, Open Sesame, and Gateway Market

A variation on Hungry Girl's Noodlicious Pancakes.  Featuring black beans

01 June 2012

Blind Faith Cafe-Evanston

A few weeks ago, we took a quick trip into Chicago to see Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and to see family.
 Oh, Mo Rocca?  We're likethis now

Boston's uncle showed us a great restaurant, Blind Faith Café in Evanston, north of the city.  It's an all vegetarian restaurant committed to the environment. See website: http://www.blindfaithcafe.com/ for more info.
I'm comfortably committed to The Chicago Diner as my vegetarian restaurant of choice in the city, but Blind Faith Café is definitely as good, if not better and is an excellent choice when you are outside the city and don't want to mess with traffic or transport.