A few weeks ago, I had a little extra money and some extra time on a Saturday morning, so we decided to head down to Centro for brunch.  We got there around noon, but didn't have trouble getting seated right away.  I'm not the drinking in the morning type, so I skipped the bloody mary buffet and the mimosas, but they did look good!  If you are of the drinking in the morning variety, I'd recommend it on sight alone!  The two vegetarians in the group ordered the South West Tofu Scramble and the Spinach Frittata.

Centro is a little fancy by my normal breakfast (I'm more of a pancakes and eggs at the diner kind of person), but of course, it was amazingly delicious with excellent service.

The frittata was cooked to perfection with a good blend of cheeses in addition to the spinach and egg.  I chose the fresh fruit side rather than fries and made a good choice.  I

For the uninitiated, tofu scramble is like scrambled eggs deluxe without the eggs.  Tofu is cooked in a skillet and broken up into small bits like a scrambled egg.  With spices and extra veggies, I'm sure that this dish could have fooled a non-veg.  The southwest spices used at Centro made for an excellent dish.  Boston chose the home fries with her meal-it was a delicious blend of fried potato chunks, veggies and spices.  
I'm not sure if you can tell, but both dishes had a couple slices of bread-I believe it was South Union Challah toasted to a delightful crunch.  

For the full brunch menu, check out Centro's website: http://www.centrodesmoines.com/menu.cfm  There are a number of other fully vegetarian dishes and others which can be requested veggie.  

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Parking around Centro can be hectic, but on the weekends, I've found that the street level lot on the southeast corner of the intersection is open.  Otherwise, look for parallel spots on the surrounding streets.


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