A couple of weeks ago we ventured out west to Lemongrass, the new Laotian/Thai restaurant.  This building used to house the Indian restaurant, Tandoor, which closed down just a couple of months ago. There isn't an updated listing on google maps for Lemongrass, so just trust me on this location :-)  It's on the east side of 8th st. in WDM just south of 235.

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The new restaurant is slightly renovated with a new wall blocking off the kitchen (Tandoor), new paint and some booths.  It seems a little more cozy now.

Between the three of us, we got a vegetarian appetizer and two vegetarian main dishes.  It was all delicious!

We started with some fried tofu with an amazing peanut sweet/sour sauce.

Also got some good Jasmine tea.  I'm on a major tea drinking kick right now (about 6 cups per day of 2 or 3 different types), so I can safely say this wasn't the best jasmine tea I've had, but it was good.  And it was cheap, which I very much appreciate!

I got a Thai style sweet and sour dish with tofu.  The veggies were good, different from what I've had in this dish elsewhere.  There was a LOT of tofu in this serving.  I'm not a super fan of tofu, but for those who are, I'd highly recommend this.  

Carnivore dining companion who was eating veggie for the night ordered the Pad Thai.  I'm not sure this dish was completely vegetarian (often, fish sauce is included as a base for the Pad Thai sauce), but for those flexitarians or lax vegetarians out there, it was a good meal.  Noodles were cooked well, plenty of peanuts and look at that lime!  Yum!

Go forth and eat well.


  1. I agree--lemongrass is a great spot for vegetarians. Next time, try the jungle Buddha. It's really amazing.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion a.e.! I'll have to look at that the next time I'm over there.


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