18 December 2012

Exile Brewing Co - Downtown Des Moines

Exile Brewing Co is a new brewery located in downtown Des Moines.  They opened in late summer 2012, so when you look at street view on Google, the place looks completely different! On the site, they've introduced a large beer hall and patio space in addition to the full brewery and restaurant. 

Shortly after they opened (a week to the day), Boston and I headed down to Exile Brewing Co to check it out.  We didn't realize at the time that they didn't have their own brews on tap yet, so we settled into the bar with some local favorites while we waited for a table.  Exile is begining to introduce their own beers now, so we'll have to make a trip to try those.

The menu is not particularly vegetarian friendly right now (though I see on their menu online, they have introduced a new menu item since we visited), but I will highlight the beet salad I ordered.  This was amazing.  It was market season for beets and they were shown off perfectly here.

03 December 2012

La Honte!

I'm so embarrassed that it has been 5 months since I last posted.  I've even been dining out!  I do have an excuse though.  Blogger has been rejecting my photos.  And blog posts about food without pictures of the food?  Boring.

I am going to work in the next few days to find an alternative way of posting photos so I can get caught up.  I have a lot of restaurants in the queue: two fun places in Lincoln, NE, King and I Thai, Louie's Wine Dive, Exile Brewing Co, etc.

Also in the news in Veggie Dining in Des Moines, we received an announcement that there is a new all vegan restaurant joining the mix soon. http://newworldcafedsm.com  New World Cafe is opening this upcoming weekend in the East Village area of Des Moines.  They have a menu up on their website and does it look good or what!

Another fun project going on is the development of a VeggieDesMoines iOS game application!  My partner, Boston, is not only a dedicated food eater, but also a talented computer programmer.  I've made the graphics and she's working on the final tinkering before her presentation.  I would hope the app will be up early in 2013.  Very exciting!

Thanks for everyone who has written me lately inquiring about my lack of posts or seeking out special food requests.  I'm here, alive, computer stuck, but still happy to talk to people about dining out in Des Moines!

23 June 2012

Noah's Ark-Ingersoll

Boston and I stopped in to Noah's Ark Ristorante tonight before heading over to the Fleur Cinema to see Hysteria (great movie by the way).

It was worse than disappointing. 

12 June 2012

Summer Sights in Des Moines

Less of a restaurant review and more of some suggestions and recent sightings in Des Moines told in photo essay!  Featuring Boston's home cooked meal, Beaverdale Farmer's Market, Open Sesame, and Gateway Market

A variation on Hungry Girl's Noodlicious Pancakes.  Featuring black beans

01 June 2012

Blind Faith Cafe-Evanston

A few weeks ago, we took a quick trip into Chicago to see Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and to see family.
 Oh, Mo Rocca?  We're likethis now

Boston's uncle showed us a great restaurant, Blind Faith Café in Evanston, north of the city.  It's an all vegetarian restaurant committed to the environment. See website: http://www.blindfaithcafe.com/ for more info.
I'm comfortably committed to The Chicago Diner as my vegetarian restaurant of choice in the city, but Blind Faith Café is definitely as good, if not better and is an excellent choice when you are outside the city and don't want to mess with traffic or transport.

27 May 2012


A few weeks ago, I had a little extra money and some extra time on a Saturday morning, so we decided to head down to Centro for brunch.  We got there around noon, but didn't have trouble getting seated right away.  I'm not the drinking in the morning type, so I skipped the bloody mary buffet and the mimosas, but they did look good!  If you are of the drinking in the morning variety, I'd recommend it on sight alone!  The two vegetarians in the group ordered the South West Tofu Scramble and the Spinach Frittata.

Centro is a little fancy by my normal breakfast (I'm more of a pancakes and eggs at the diner kind of person), but of course, it was amazingly delicious with excellent service.

The frittata was cooked to perfection with a good blend of cheeses in addition to the spinach and egg.  I chose the fresh fruit side rather than fries and made a good choice.  I

22 February 2012

Vegan Sausage

I've been reading a lot lately about making one's own vegan sausage rather than going to the store and buying the premade stuff.  This way, you can spice it up to your own liking/recipes.

My plan is to take Iowa Girl Eat's recipe for Red Beans and Rice (http://iowagirleats.com/2012/02/21/not-so-fat-tuesday-lighter-red-beans-rice-crock-pot-recipe/) and sub Bistro Katie's vegan sausage (http://bistrokatie.com/2011/03/vegan-andouille-sausage/) in place.
While perusing Trader Joe's a few months back, they were serving up their lighter mac and cheese served with some special smoked spices.  I had to ask three times to make sure it was veggie mac and cheese because it tasted sooo smoked meaty!  I'm thinking a trip back there is going to make the spices in the sausages delightful.

Cookbook Club v.3.0 was a success on Sunday night and we've been eating off those leftovers for awhile.  The cookbook was Comfort Food, but I can't for the life of me find it listed online anywhere.  I'll keep looking and update with more info as I find it.

  We've got my Risi e Bisi Risotto dish fist, then Erin's whole wheat and potato gnocci, then Gretchen's Mushroom pot pie and some of Julia's salad toppings in the back (the salad bowl was so huge, it left the table after everyone had dished up)

  Anna's Moroccan Vegetable Stew there and somewhere was the minty couscous to go along with.  This was amazing and the first thing to disappear from my leftovers!

  And our resident dessert chef, Kelly, provided us with this pineapple ginger upside-down tart (delicious in its own right) and this AMAZING ice cream.  Sheeder Cloverleaf Dairy has milk in the general grocery stores around here which I honestly can't tell the difference (skim milk tastes like watery milk no matter who you get it from?) but this ice cream.  Oh was it good!!  Great creamyness without being too fatty coating the spoon and mouth and the vanilla flavor.  Please can I eat this everyday of my life?  

We did venture out to Sbrocco before heading to the Civic Center to see Arianna Huffinton last night, but I didn't take any pictures.  We all went with the small plates and there wasn't much vegetarian there.  Boston's mom got the spicy ratatouille, which was awesome and her friend got the truffled mac and cheese.  But neither are traditional tapas style, you know?  You expect crostinis, etc. easy sharing and eating foods.  Not foods that require silverware.  It was a bit bizarre, but hey, I'm not in Spain anymore, so can't expect too much!

I think I've got some pictures waiting to be edited from restaurant visits in January, just got to get those ready and then a few more actual vegetarian dining out in Des Moines posts will be ready!

23 January 2012


A couple of weeks ago we ventured out west to Lemongrass, the new Laotian/Thai restaurant.  This building used to house the Indian restaurant, Tandoor, which closed down just a couple of months ago. There isn't an updated listing on google maps for Lemongrass, so just trust me on this location :-)  It's on the east side of 8th st. in WDM just south of 235.

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The new restaurant is slightly renovated with a new wall blocking off the kitchen (Tandoor), new paint and some booths.  It seems a little more cozy now.