Cookbook Club #1

Have you heard of this?  I'm starting a craze folks.  Cookbook Club.

Pick your favorite/best chef friends (real chefs or amateur) and pick your favorite cookbook.  Everyone chooses a recipe from the cookbook and get cooking!  Rotate cookbooks for each meeting.

For our first book, we chose the Hungry Girl cookbook from Anna's collection.

Hungry Girl has a lot of recipes focused on eating well and eating healthy.  We ended up with:

Noodlicious Pancakes-me


Meringues and Brownies-Kelly

Next cookbook is Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone by Deborah Madison.  This is like the Julia Child of the vegetarian world.  Everything you could ever want to make is in here, but generally the basic recipes with suggestions on how to make something special.  e.g. recipe for basic challah bread and some suggestions for doing it with whole wheat, with raisins or other additions, and how to make it French Toast the next day.  or a basic squash soup with recommendations on how to make it more italian or asian, etc.

We've got an appetizer, main and dessert and hopefully some other folks will be able to join us in January for this one.  This time of year is hard to find a good time!

If you're in DSM and you want to join, let me know on twitter @christenbain or email

Bon Appétit!


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