CSAs-All over

It's winter, which means we are months away from Spring, which means it is the perfect time to start thinking about your CSA share for the spring/summer!

What is a CSA you may ask (although I tend to think the readers of this blog are super into healthy eating, veggies, etc, so you all know what a CSA is).  CSA is community supported agriculture.  Local Harvest.Org has a good description here.  And the Buy Fresh Buy Local organization has an awesome directory of local farms indicating which ones do CSA shares.

For some reason, I've decided a good analogy is this:
It's like you're buying stock in a company.  If the company does well, you get dividends and big ones.  If the company does okay, you get okay dividends.  If the company does poorly, no dividends for you.

Except, you are "buying stock" in a farm.  You make an agreement with a farmer before planting season that you will contribute to the farm and expect weekly (or semi-weekly) dividends in return.  If it is a good year, you could have an overflowing box each week, if adversity has struck your farm, your box might be meager.

In my experience, no one ever goes hungry on a CSA box though!  For a couple of years now, we've gone in on a share with Boston's parents from One Step at a Time Farm.  At the beginning, I think we were all thinking, "really?  that's it?  umm..."  But get into lettuce season and we couldn't eat enough salads, and I think I still have pounds of onion and shallots and enough garlic to fend of the whole cast of Twilight (do they do that in Twilight?  I'm obviously not a huge fan)

If you like fresh veggies in the summer, a CSA might be for you.  Especially if the Saturday Farmer's Market is too early! ::clears throat::

I think I'll do a bit of a review of some of the CSAs I am familiar with and those my friends/colleagues use in the upcoming weeks.  It really is time to think about your share, some farms "sell out" fairly early!


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