Manhattan Deli-Ingersoll Neighborhood

Thanks to my dentist (when I recommend people to go, they give me gift cards to locally owned places), we had the chance to visit Manhattan Deli earlier this week.  The deli is located on Ingersoll Ave at about 38th street.

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I've heard a few people talk about the deli, what a great place it is to go for a quick lunch during the business day.  I'm glad I had a chance to check it out.  Parking can be tricky; there are just a couple of spots in front of the restaurant along Ingersoll, but since Black Cat Cafe went out of business, that parking lot was being used for Manhattan Deli as well.

I was nervous that there wouldn't be any veggie options, but I was wrong.  There were a few veggie sandwiches, some egg sandwiches and cheese sandwiches.

When you walk into the deli, you walk up to the counter (you can see most of the sandwiches on display in the counter case, but I honestly didn't take time to do this) and order at the till.  Each of the veggie sandwiches was $5 or less, can't beat that!  We did indulge in a soda and chips to share, so our total bill was right around $15.

Boston got the Egg Salad Supreme sandwich (as opposed to the regular egg salad) served in a Hoagie Bun (and I quote "that bun was amaaaazing")  I tried a bit and the sandwich was pretty good.  The egg salad wasn't too mustard-y and the lettuce and tomato served on the sandwich were delicious.  The lettuce was crispy-nice to know it hasn't been sitting around for days getting wilty.  

I decided to venture out and get the veggie rueben.  I've never really experienced a reuben before, or really, sauerkraut for that matter, so I made a leap.  It was a good decision.  The sauerkraut wasn't too overwhelming, the marble rye bread was good, and there was a good mix of cheeses.  I do think that I would ask for no mayo the next time I order the sandwich though.  The sandwich was super drippy, so next time, I think I'll go on a not-so-dressy-clothes day.  Just in case!

Overall, I'd recommend Manhattan Deli to veggies and non-veggies alike.  Great food and an interesting mix of people.  Plus, it's just a quick jaunt from downtown, DMU and Drake, West Des Moines, etc.

Coming up next-a vegetarian review of Zombie Burger (we finally got in last Friday at about...4:30pm.  Grandma dinner time!)


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