Tallgrass Grocery-Valley Junction

In non-dining out news, have you all seen/heard about the new food co-op coming to Des Moines (how is it that Ames, Iowa City, etc all have co-ops and Des Moines has SERIOUSLY been lacking!)?

Tallgrass Grocery is opening in Valley Junction this week.  They did an amazing job at getting members pre-opening, but of course, you can still join.  And still shop even if you aren't a member (members take part in co-op decision making and I think get a price break).

Check out the photos on their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tallgrassgrocery and go see them this week.  They will be open during the VJ Farmer's Market on Thursday.

I anticipate this being a great resource for organic/locally grown home cookin' supplies!

Note:  We walked down to the Farmer's Market on Thursday and stopped into Tallgrass Grocery.  They were doing very well for a pretty sparse Farmer's Market (we were early, just shortly after 5pm and it was dreary).  Looks like they have stocked a lot of local and organic stuff.  I was surprised to see a lot of produce from Maharishi Gardens.  Didn't know they a.) had a garden and b.) sold it out.  I might have to take a drive out there to see what is going on.

Field of basil :-)


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