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I have a very good friend who moved to Texas a few weeks ago and decided to have her going away party/get-together at Quinton's in the East Village on a Wednesday night, their trivia night.

I was in class for most of the night, so came late to have a drink and a late dinner.  This wasn't my first visit, I'd been once before with another friend who loves Quinton's in KS.  That night I had a baked potato which had much too much cheese sauce, so I decided to go for a sandwich.

The waitress was quite busy with all the trivia night folks, but it took an extraordinary amount of time for her to come around for my order.  I ordered my sandwich and some wings for the table at the same time. About 30 minutes later, I inquired as to where the food was.  The wings came out quickly after that, but it was another 20 minutes and 2 inquiries before my sandwich arrived.
Here it is.

It was a measly little sandwich with a smattering of vegetables, a WHOLE lot of mayo and guacamole. I waited way too long and paid way to much money for that greasy mess.  

And some burnt fries.  Although my friends say that mine were less burnt than what they'd ordered earlier in the evening.

They do have a more than just a couple vegetarian options.  Sandwiches, salads and a few potatoes.  But if the flavors of the two dishes I've had are any indication, they are off the mark.  

Quinton's has a fun atmosphere; Trivia night was fun and they do have good drink specials.  But as a place to get food, I've struck out twice.  Will not be returning for dinner anytime soon.


  1. I've gotta say...I've been much happier with the food from the Topeka location than the food at the Des Moines location. The veggie sandwich was a serious disappointment for me as well, and one that I'll be avoiding in the future. I'm not giving up on the place completely just yet, though!


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