India Star-Merle Hay

Boston's parents took us to India Star Friday night. It is located on Douglas in Des Moines just a couple of blocks east of Merle Hay Mall.

This is a favorite restaurant. Good Indian food at great prices. It had been awhile since I'd been for dinner (rather than the lunch buffet) and I was happy to see a new menu with clear labeling of what is vegetarian and what is vegan. India Star is IMO one of the most vegetarian friendly restaurants in Des Moines.

I took a couple snaps of the menu showing their veggie appetizers and veggie main dishes. (You can see the whole menu here, online)

We also got a veggie appetizer sampler. It was a lot of fried food, but split between the four of us, it wasn't too much. I love India food for the fact that I can be presented with 3 types of fried vegetable balls and each one has a different flavor. Some more smokey, some have more anise, etc.

They also have a couple veggie platters-what I ended up with. Salad, raita, 2 main dishes, rice and a bit of dessert for the same price as 1 main ($9.99). Can't go wrong with that!

So, go check out India Star.  Great lunch buffet too!


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