27 September 2011

Tacos Andreas-Drake Neighborhood

I took my "Campus Friend" (program to pair up US American folks who want to learn another language with folks from other countries wanting to work on their English) to Tacos Andreas last Thursday (well, to be accurate, she took me!)

It was my first time in this Drake Neighborhood spot, but I don't know why.  It's super cheap!

There are some of your regular mexican dishes (burritos, huevos rancheros, etc) for typical prices (~$7).  But the great deal is tacos and pupusas.  $1.50 for tacos and $2 for pupusas.  Of course, there is a long list of meat choices for both, but ask politely and you can get frijoles y queso.  Delicious.

18 September 2011

India Star-Merle Hay

Boston's parents took us to India Star Friday night. It is located on Douglas in Des Moines just a couple of blocks east of Merle Hay Mall.

This is a favorite restaurant. Good Indian food at great prices. It had been awhile since I'd been for dinner (rather than the lunch buffet) and I was happy to see a new menu with clear labeling of what is vegetarian and what is vegan. India Star is IMO one of the most vegetarian friendly restaurants in Des Moines.

12 September 2011

Tallgrass Grocery-Valley Junction

In non-dining out news, have you all seen/heard about the new food co-op coming to Des Moines (how is it that Ames, Iowa City, etc all have co-ops and Des Moines has SERIOUSLY been lacking!)?

Tallgrass Grocery is opening in Valley Junction this week.  They did an amazing job at getting members pre-opening, but of course, you can still join.  And still shop even if you aren't a member (members take part in co-op decision making and I think get a price break).

Check out the photos on their facebook page http://www.facebook.com/tallgrassgrocery and go see them this week.  They will be open during the VJ Farmer's Market on Thursday.

11 September 2011

Quintons-East Village

I have a very good friend who moved to Texas a few weeks ago and decided to have her going away party/get-together at Quinton's in the East Village on a Wednesday night, their trivia night.

I was in class for most of the night, so came late to have a drink and a late dinner.  This wasn't my first visit, I'd been once before with another friend who loves Quinton's in KS.  That night I had a baked potato which had much too much cheese sauce, so I decided to go for a sandwich.