Cuatro Burrito and Taco Bar-Downtown

We headed to Cuatro Burrito and Taco Bar before an event at the Des Moines Social Club as they are located in the same space in the Kirkwood Building in downtown Des Moines at 4th and Walnut.

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We'd seen the restaurant going in a few months back (make that many months back) but didn't have a chance to visit until fairly recently.

The menu is pretty veggie friendly and I think probably pretty good for vegans too. Burritos are in corn tortillas and some of the main taco options are vegetarian/vegan.

I started out with the edamame. It was a little different than most-am I wrong in thinking that most edamame is served cold? They gave us chopsticks. Now, I may have spent a few weeks in Malaysia and China earlier this summer, but I definitely didn't get used to using chopsticks on such moveable food! (how else to describe it? you think you've got the bean pod and then it twirls and it's on the table...) Something to work on I suppose. Who wants to give me chopsticks lessons?

Boston got some asian noodle bowl or something (with meat, those crazy flexitarians!) and it was clear I'd made the better choice. These tacos were delicious! I opted for the veggie (or was it vegan?) chorizo. Excellently spiced, plus awesome toppings (just a bit of cheese, and amazing pico de gallo like salsa). And that "chorizo" was plenty filling-so much for those folks who say you've got to eat bread, pasta and cheese to fill up on a vegetarian diet!

So, Cuatro Burrito and Taco Bar. I'd highly recommend it (especially after a night drinking on Court Ave!)


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