30 August 2011

Cuatro Burrito and Taco Bar-Downtown

We headed to Cuatro Burrito and Taco Bar before an event at the Des Moines Social Club as they are located in the same space in the Kirkwood Building in downtown Des Moines at 4th and Walnut.

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We'd seen the restaurant going in a few months back (make that many months back) but didn't have a chance to visit until fairly recently.

The menu is pretty veggie friendly and I think probably pretty good for vegans too. Burritos are in corn tortillas and some of the main taco options are vegetarian/vegan.

I started out with the edamame. It was a little different than most-am I wrong in thinking that most edamame is served cold? They gave us chopsticks. Now, I may have spent a few weeks in Malaysia and China earlier this summer, but I definitely didn't get used to using chopsticks on such moveable food! (how else to describe it? you think you've got the bean pod and then it twirls and it's on the table...) Something to work on I suppose. Who wants to give me chopsticks lessons?

11 August 2011

Ted's Coney Island West-Urbandale

Have you heard about Stimulus Tuesdays at Cobblestone theatre in Urbandale? It's a pretty good deal. Super Matinee tickets (4-5:30 I think, every day of the week) for just $4 and then only on Tuesdays, you can get a soda and a popcorn for $1. I wasn't excited for soda and popcorn, but I did enjoy the super cheap ticket prices!

Of course, when we came out of the theatre, the smells of Ted's West enticed me. You know how there are some times when you just really want french fries? And other times when you think, "wow, if I eat those, my stomach is going to revolt"? (or is that just me?) Well, Tuesday was an "i want fries" occasion-maybe I'm gearing up for the fair. So when I smelled fries and onion rings from Ted's West, I knew we had to go. Ted's is located in Urbandale, on 86th St; it is situated in a strip mall with Hobby Haven and Vision Park, to the North of the strip with Cobblestone theatre and Tasty Tacos (another great, cheap restaurant worth checking out).

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There are quite a few veggie options on the menu and even some which can be made vegan if you ask for no sauce. Oh Greek food :-)
I decided on the falafel pita basket and Boston got a traditional gyro with a salad (Did I tell you that she's a flexitarian? She eats meat occasionally when she wants, but is mostly veg).

Oh falafel, how I adore thee! The falafel patties were deliciously spiced and of course, the cheesy yogurt sauce was amazing. Oh and those veggies were good too :-) The fries and onion rings were delicious, but be ready to split this ginormous offering! And you get a little dish of cole slaw-I wasn't a huge fan, but Boston enjoyed it. Who's with me that cole slaw is one of those dishes that everyone has a different taste for? More/Less Cabbage, More/Less Cream (or none at all), Other veggies/note, Mustard/no mustard.

And of course, Boston's salad was delicious. A little heavy on the dressing, but I think if you asked for dressing on the side, it could be perfect.

Hope you all get out to Ted's, either the location on Ingersoll or out in Urbandale