New Vegetarian Restaurant?-Downtown

Have you all heard the rumors about a new vegetarian restaurant coming to downtown? I found some (limited) info on facebook:

But if you want more updates, check out twitter (you are on twitter right? even if you aren't you can see the vegetaire posts, we'll just have to have a twitter lesson later)!/Vegetaire

By the cross posting to Tacopocalypse, it looks like the restaurant must be the creation (at least in part) of Chef Sam Auen who seems to work all over this city. Have you tried his Taco Tuesday creations or Tacopocalypse at the Downtown Farmer's Market? Check it out. Sadly, I've not been able to go since one of the first weekends and have no pictures.

How do you feel about the selection of veggie foods in Des Moines? Are you waiting for more veg-only restaurants?

In preparation for a trip to KC this weekend, I was looking up veg friendly restaurants and remembered a friend's rave reviews about Blue Bird Bistro. But looking up the menu, there is a lot of meat. And at $15-20/plate, I would hope to see better reviews than I did. I'll probably skip that one, but with time for a meal, I always like to check out what is going on at Eden Alley just off of the Plaza.


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