Mi Patria-WDM

We stopped out to Mi Patria, a fairly new Ecuadorian restaurant on 86th St in WDM (or is that 22nd St in WDM, or 86th St. in DSM? That whole dividing line thing still gets me).

The menu itself doesn't have much in the way of vegetarian fare, but questioning the waitress, I learned that they do have a platter dish with all veggie food. But in looking over the menu, I saw the two vegetarian appetizers, so I thought I'd check those out.

Both tortillas were quite good, but I would not recommend both to make for a complete meal.

The one yuca tortilla with the fresh veggies on top was delicious and refreshing, but probably not enough to make for a complete meal. The second with the peanut sauce on top was just too heavy. Perhaps had I been eating them as an appetizer, split with the whole table, it wouldn't have been too much. But as it was, I couldn't eat it all.

Next time we visit, I'll get the yuca to split with the table and try the special vegetarian platter.


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