Boston's Parents

Since I got back from Asia, I've been a bit of a cheap-o in terms of dining out. It'll take awhile until my bank account agrees with my decisions to eat in restaurants.

Last weekend, we went over to Boston's parents for a good, mostly CSA or farmer's market meal. This delicious salad was the result on my plate.

One Step at a Time Gardens treats us wonderfully with their fresh and bountiful produce. This time of year, we've got lettuce and spinach, green onion, radish and garlic scapes. Some tomatoes from the downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market finished out the veggie part. I wish I could say those were homemade croutons, but I must admit, they are from my local Hy-Vee. I'll work on that for the next time. And oh that salad dressing. It probably takes all nutritional value out of the salad, but that Creamy Parm dressing from the local hot spot, Mustard's is amazing! When Boston saw that you could buy it in a take-home bottle, we had to have it. I still try to mix it up with a homemade vinagrette every once in a while, but I think she's going to be going full-on creamy parm until the bottle has not one drop left!

Maybe next month I'll be able to eat out, but I will say I'm not doing so bad at home in the meantime.


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