I'm Back and Excited!

It's been awhile, but I have a good excuse! I was in China and Malaysia for awhile. When comb through my photos, I'll make a special guest post. Let me just say for now that there are some amazing vegetarian restaurants in these countries. Specific locations catering to Buddhists, but perhaps most interesting were the restaurants which make vegetarian food look like meat. And not in the Garden Burger sort of "look like meat" fashion; rather, tofu slices rounded and wrapped in seaweed to look (and taste) like slices of fish. One of my favorites was the "mutton" curry made with bean curd-but curries always catch my eye! I think I caught some of this on camera, so pictures to come.

Coming back to Des Moines after an extended period away, I'm also blown away by some of the new things going on here. Can't forget to mention Tacopocolypse at the Downtown Farmer's Market (didn't get a photo this week, so hopefully next week) and the menu at the new restaurant, Americana. Check this out! So many veggie options! http://americanadsm.com/menu/lunch
And of course there are many others to catch up on.
So, don't distress, I've not left you all forever!


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