Dining with a Cypriot

I'm very excited that tonight Boston and I will be hosting someone from Cyprus for dinner!

The Iowa Council for International Understanding is an amazing organization which does great work in a variety of areas (need a translator/interpreter, call them!) including hosting visitors to the US from other countries. They are always looking for new hosts for the visitors. Unfortunately, we do not have enough space in our humble abode to host folks overnight, but I am always happy to provide them with a meal!

We hosted a couple of Chinese gentlemen (and their interpreter) back in October and it was great fun! Good conversation about non-profits in the US and then a lot of conversation about being LGBT in the states vs. in China.

I like the opportunity to cook a full meal (we rarely have salad, a main, a side, and dessert in our house!) and to talk to other people about the US and their home country. I always learn a lot.

I'll let you know what was on the menu tomorrow!


  1. That sounds fun! I bet you knocked their socks off! Not literally, of course.


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