A Vegetarian? In Des Moines?

I live in a land of pork chops (seriously, do you know how many events centered around meat from a pig there are in this town??), steak, and occasionally, rabbit, on menus. But I became a vegetarian years ago.

I'm on a search for the best vegetarian food in Des Moines, with some of my own creations thrown in. I'm not a food critic, but I do eat thoughtfully.

Let's get eating!


  1. Hi; I'm originally from Des Moines but I now live in Detroit. I'm so glad I found your blog because my hubby and I are going home for Thanksgiving, and we're interested in trying some more health-conscious, locally-owned restaurants when we're not eating turkey. Thanks so much for your reviews; it's heartening to know that there are at least some restaurant owners in Des Moines that are interested in this kind of stuff.

    1. I hope you'll find that some positive changes have happened on the food scene in recent years. Happy Thanksgiving and happy eating!


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