Home Cooking-Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes & Poached Pears

It was back to home cooking again in Des Moines.

I've made stuffed peppers and tomatoes before, but I didn't have any rice on hand (what? no rice? what kind of household do I keep?!?). However, I did have some couscous, think, think, think: Couscous Stuffed Tomatoes!

I got some onions and garlic going in a tad bit of butter and got the couscous started. Cut out the inside of the tomatoes. Original plan was to put the tomato back in, but Boston said nope, too much tomato taste (I'll have to do that another time when she's not eating).

Mixed the onion and garlic in with the couscous and stuffed it in! Sprinkled a little goat cheese on top and popped it in the oven. Boston got some of her favorite french cut green beens going and...plate (I'm not a chef eh? I don't have to have fancy platings!)
Before we got to eating, I started some red wine in a saucepan and popped my peeled pears in.
Got to eating-YUM! But then again, what, topped with goat cheese, isn't good?

The pears took a LONG time! I grabbed the pears at the store which had the free sample and turns out that wasn't a good choice. They were fancy Asian pears-good for munching, not so great for cooking. They stayed firm even after 45 minutes of cooking. Next time, get some Anjou pears. But it was good nonetheless. Obviously, lack of plate picture means I ate too quickly. (Or I'd just been waiting for an hour for a pear and got too impatient!)

What do you stuff tomatoes/peppers with?


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